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We at JPD Consultants can offer a wide range of services aimed at covering all your needs, either as a company or as a private individual. We have a great team of bilingual professionals in Spanish and English and we also have both German and Scandinavian speakers.

Our main services are as follows:

Tax advisory services: taxes for residents and non-residents

Employment advisory services

Sale and purchase of properties

Wills, Inheritances, Donations and Successions

NIE and Residencies

Special Advisory Service for non-residents

We also have a department specialising in financial products and insurance

We have an Estate Management Department, where our approach to managing householder communities is different from the traditional approach, as we have realised that in an international tourist area like the South of Gran Canaria, where the majority of homeowners are not Spanish, it is important to help these homeowners in their own language as far as possible, and help them deal with a system that is probably very different from the one they are used to in their countries of origin. For this reason all our main documents are dispatched in Spanish and English and, at an extra cost, they can be translated into other languages, depending on the community in question.

Advisory services to householder communities including the following:

  • Accounts
  • Estate management pursuant to the legislation in effect
  • Arrears management and resolution
  • Legal advice on all community matters
  • Project management
  • Out-of-court settlements