how agricultural transformation can improve productivity

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how agricultural transformation can improve productivity

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labour saving technologies may improve labour productivity but not total factor productivity) - Sustainability Some innovations can improve sustainability and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Agriculture in Ethiopia has experienced steady Improving efficiency and productivity in the agriculture industry. 4. The importance of optimal nutrition for human health and development is well recognised. The agricultural sector is the country’s major source of economic growth under Ethiopia’s Growth Transformation Plan (GTP), with attention given to productivity and production increase which is crucial for the country's effort to attain food security and increase export earnings. The new project improves the resilience and productivity of agriculture for more than 470,000 small farmers in 6 provinces in the dry zone of the country. Improve market access, regulations, and governance Improving rural infrastructure such as roads is crucial to raising productivity through reductions in shipping costs and the loss of perishable produce. Increasing the share of rural household income that comes from non-farm sources Agricultural productivity is typically measured by output per unit of land or per worker. Adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, flooding, extreme heat and so on, affect crop yields more than pests and diseases. However, improving agricultural productivity requires more than just focusing on high yields, but also how those yields were attained through a given combination of machines, chemicals, labor and other inputs -- a metric known as Total Factor Productivity. Increasing agricultural productivity can increase food availability and access as well as rural incomes. Yet the agricultural ... Other shifts can improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Fortunately, Africa has experienced continuous agricultural growth during the … We focus on four strategic goals that help drive agricultural transformation and that ensure this transformation is inclusive: increase agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers; increase smallholder farmer household income; increase equitable consumption of a safe, affordable, nutritious diet year-round; and increase women’s empowerment in agriculture. Thus, a major goal of plant scientists is to find ways to maintain high productivity under stress as well as developing crops with enhanced nutritional value. 5. Rural areas are home to 75 percent of Africa’s population, most of whom count agriculture as their major source of income. An agricultural transformation One-third of Earth’s land is devoted to agriculture, more than any other industry. - Productivity Innovation and economies of scale contribute productivity growth but the extent depends on the type of innovation (e.g. Continued agricultural transformation offers a promising avenue for achieving sustainable labor-productivity growth (McMillan et al., 2017, Rodrik, 2018). The provinces selected are those that are most exposed to climate impacts. The dynamics of an agricultural transformation start with increasing the income of rural households, higher productivity on farms, and greater demand in local markets. Ghana is well positioned to forge a model path of agriculture-driven, growth-enhancing economic transformation for Africa. Total Factor Productivity. Meanwhile, providing better incentives to farmers, including reductions in food subsidies, could raise agricultural output by nearly 5%.

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