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Want to customize your surveys and get deeper insights? Every attendee has a unique experience, so it is essential to understand every individual’s opinion. 1) Pre-event survey: Wouldn’t it be great to get a pulse on what’s exciting attendees most before your event? Results from the pre-conference survey used to plan Plone Conference 2006. Event survey tip #1: Send it quickly. Don’t forget things like recommendations and word of mouth too. You could include it on the purchase confirmation page or in a post-registration survey. (50 questions). The questions you ask your attendees impact the event feedback you receive. Live poll questions can help you make decisions in real time. How many of you have been influenced by Dr. Gunther’s work? Whova Releases Virtual Conference Support. With the useful insights received, you'll find the i… For instance, when devising event plans, you could assume you know how many people will show up or how many want to see a particular speaker or celebrity. Along with other contextual information, this can help you determine if you need to change up your event marketing efforts. Pre Conference Parent Questionnaire. Make this question part of the registration process. Press These survey questions can be asked for public events, training courses, conferences, conclaves, exhibitions, and webinars. Single-choice and multiple choice questions 2. The EPI questions, as you can see, are fairly common post-event survey questions. It gives a great insight into what they want covered during our conference, so I can make the most of our short time together. In terms of pre-event survey questions, this is one of the most important because it gives insight into which marketing channels are most effective. To serve you better, please share what you're most interested in learning about at the conference. People participate more fully when they’re actively engaged. There’s no need to wait until registration to ask this question: Once speakers and other events are finalized, you can start generating interest by posing the query on social media. Open-ended questions Live poll questions can also help you get to know your attendees and your attendees get to know one another. Live polling can be the perfect place to ask questions like: 2) Increase attendee engagement: With live poll questions on an event app, you and your speakers can project the questions and answers on a presentation screen for all to see. (We’ll provide a downloadable template below but if you want more, you can find them on our mobile survey platform.). Free E-Books, Event Management Tips Create and Manage Your Event Agenda on Web and Mobile Without Any Tech Skills, How to Create Attendee Name Badges in 5 Minutes. Some ways to disseminate conference survey questions include: If you decide to send surveys after registration, make it easy for people to respond. If you’re interested in exploring other creative ways to engage attendees, check out this step-by-step guide to attendee engagement. Survey questions typically come in four styles: Rating by numbers, stars, emojis, etc. Are you satisfied with the impact the event has made on your association? There are only two typesof survey questions: objective and subjective. When you’re drafting a pre-event survey, you need to know what information you’re looking for, as this determines the kinds of questions you ask. Adding a comment box allows attendees to add options that may not have been included. What are you hoping to get out of this event? It’s also useful as a reminder to registrants that they have the option to choose a partner hotel. Overall, how would you rate the event? Likert scale questions 4. You’ll get a better response rate with a quick, simple survey rather than one that’s long and requires a lot of writing. These questions will help you collect actionable insights on how to iteratively grow your attendees by improving attendee satisfaction by taking action on the collected feedback. Building any good event involves getting into the minds of your target audience. Finally, there’s the question of engagement. The sooner you get information about what accommodations are needed, the better. Intolerances? kosher or halal food) is clearly displayed. Question #39. Whether you’re planning an event, responding to feedback in real time, or hoping to improve based on post-event feedback, follow these guidelines for an easy way to make surveying an integral part of your success. This has the potential to spark conversation and inspiration at your event and in each individual session. Examples of event or participant-specific survey questions include: We suggest that you encourage attendees to complete your surveys before leaving the venue. FAQ Its purpose is to assess students’ perceptions of changes in their knowledge and skills, personal attributes, or impact on … Some event apps even use in-app notifications to remind attendees to fill out surveys, which helps boost response rates even higher. Here ar… Participant's opinions validate the preparation while sparking new ideas. If you’re interested in exploring other creative ways to engage attendees, check out this, use live polling to improve attendee participation, step-by-step guide to attendee engagement, 8 Event Management and Planning Software That Will Save You Time, Not a Tech Geek? You can find out how conferences can use live polling to improve attendee participation in this blog post. That helps them feel more valued and more engaged with your brand and your event. Ask participants to rate the date, location, speakers, vendors, and catering of the event. It also reveals which channels are under-performing. Maybe it’s too late to add extra sessions at this conference, but now you have a heads-up on what would be popular at the next one. Learn from expert virtual event organizers. By tailoring your questions to the type of event you’re organizing — an expo, association event, or academic conference, for example — you can get a better idea of how you’re satisfying attendee needs. Before the event, organizers are still in the planning phase. Asking questions shows your audience that you’re interested in what they think. Add to a post-registration survey or purchase confirmation page. on the post-registration confirmation page. Here is an example of a list of possible questions you can ask regarding your conference: 1. As a poll on your website or on social media – This is best for binary or multi-choice quantitative questions. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step question guide. And because event surveys aren’t the only way to generate event feedback, we also offer Live Polling within the Whova event app. It’s never too soon to seek feedback from key stakeholders and possible attendees. Questions can include: Where is your country of origin? You can include these questions: 3) Event or participant-specific survey: You may want to collect more in-depth feedback, which is where a specific survey can help. Start time: End time: 12. Terms of Use Webinar: Virtual Event Best Practices (Almost full). Event Marketing This question helps you determine who your regulars are—those attendees who show up at every event. Help us make the most of your SUMMIT experience. Ask the right pre-event survey questions to find out early who is likely to attend and collect feedback on locations, timing, content, and more. Virtual Events, Corporate Events & Trade Shows - ProGlobal Events San Francisco, CA. Mandatory yes/no question with multiple-choice options, plus a comment box so respondents can elaborate if necessary, Essential for most events, including corporate, industry, and public events. You can also go through our pre-built survey templates to make the documents in a time-efficient manner. What kind of SWAG do you prefer? Include this as a question during event registration, so every attendee answers it. Asking this question helps you understand if any improvements are needed. Careers at Whova How satisfied were you with the event? 67 so far. Question Type: NPS. By making sure your surveys can be filled out on mobile, or even through your event app, you increase the likelihood that attendees will respond while on the go at your event. Provide a list that allows respondents to choose up to 30% of the available options. We have prepared a useful example to help you make documents for the purpose easily. What’s your preferred social media platform? What can we do to make your conference experience the best ever? Some special swag or drink voucher are great ideas! Adding an optional comment field ensures that people can write in their own reasons if they have more to add. To learn more about our event technology, request more information here. Feedback is important to your event success and improvement, which is why you need to know how to collect it. Survey questions come in three main categories. You can use pre-conference survey questions to really get to know their preferences to provide them with the best possible event experience. Event Manager Blog also listed live polling as one of the top engagement ideas for speakers. How many times have you attended this conference? After registration, on a post-registration confirmation screen or on a survey platform – This works for any and all questions, excluding mandatory questions you include during registration. The information you provide on your website should be clear and easy to find. What tools or information do you need to enjoy the event? I send this form out to parents before conferences. As you get more information about what people are most interested in, you can adjust your event accordingly. 21 Great Post-Event Survey Questions to Ask Your Guests. How valuable were the networking opportunities to your career development? E.g. Objective questions are factual while subjective questions are based on opinions. Whova Event App From collecting quantitative feedback to getting to know your attendees, live polls are a great way to increase attendee engagement at your event. This is true at all stages of the process, including before the event starts! Add to your registration form or include in a post-registration survey. These include: 1. These event survey questions would be different to those you send out to your attendees. Would anyone who’s arriving on Sunday be interested in hanging out with other early arrivals? Lead Retrieval 2. For keynotes, what is the exact planned time for speaker’s presentation? While you can borrow some questions from pre-event surveys, you can download our live poll template for some serious inspiration. By tailoring your questions to the type of event you’re organizing — an expo, association event, or academic conference, for example — you can get a better idea of how you’re satisfying attendee needs. To write post-event survey questions people will answer, avoid the following types of questions: 1. Also, t heir handy Event Feedback Template has ten pre-set questions to get you started. Pre-Conference Surveys. How would you judge if our presentation was a success or not? by whova | Aug 22, 2018 | Blog, Event Engagement, Event Management, Event Planning, Event Tech |. They allow you to take advantage of moments when the things you’re asking about are fresh in the attendees’ minds, and can provide insights that let you know if you have to pivot or modify your strategy on a dime. Follow these tips to create a post-event survey with truly useful and actionable data. Pricing, Contact Ask follow up questions about the most important aspects of the event, like the keynote speaker. Which startup team should be awarded the People’s Choice Award? Include as a mandatory multiple-choice question with a comment box. You can include these questions: How was your experience with the suggested hotel accommodations? (pens, paper for notes, tote bags?). Feel free to customize these pre event survey questions according to the event you are attending! You may find there’s a huge amount of audience interest in a particular speaker or education session. How many times have you attended this conference? Privacy Policy Pro Tip: If you send out a full survey, consider offering a small perk for people who respond, which they can obtain at your event. 11. These ready-to-use templates are built out of over 80 questions that have produced valuable feedback for many organizers. An engaged audience is one that goes beyond just show up. How many of you are planning to stay for lunch or go out with new friends? At the event, make sure allergen and other essential food information (e.g. 7. Online Registration Try to limit the qualitative questions to just two or three. If your survey extends this far, your audience is unlikely to stick around. Saved by Teachers Pay Teachers. Include this question for events to which people travel, such as national and international trade shows or conferences, or if your event is partnering with local hotels. Include at the end of the registration process, e.g. Event Planning: Do it right the first time Organizations looking to plan for their conferences and events better should administer pre-conference surveys. A high degree of client satisfaction is important to gauge as it may indicate client retention and future opportunities. There’s one foolproof way to find out what your audience wants: Ask them. That means doing the groundwork beforehand, so you can time it. Mid Event Survey Questions Surveys during the event provide ongoing qualitative and quantitative data on the attendee experience. A multiple-choice question with four to five options, including word-of-mouth as well as your major marketing channels, Best used for trade shows, public events, and other events where your marketing efforts have spanned multiple channels. 1) Inform decision-making before or during events: Live poll questions can help you make decisions in real time. 10. Who will be introducing the speaker (name, title, and how they should be addressed. If you’re serving food, this question helps you plan for food choices that everyone can enjoy. What kind of vendors would you like to see at the event? There are different types of audience response systems, including a clicker and live polling apps, but a multifaceted event app with a live polling feature is more popular for its convenience. Event feedback survey questions are survey questions asked after an event has concluded to the attendees to understand their opinions about the event. Register for and gain access to premium content including the CMI 25 Listing, our monthly digital edition, the MeetingsNet app, live and on-demand webinars, and much more. People are pressed for time, which is why brief surveys tend to have higher response rates. Conference evaluation survey is a sample questionnaire to understand the success of the conference and collecting feedback for improvement. Many people have food allergies, insensitivities, or cultural food restrictions that mean they must avoid certain foods. Which startup team should spend their time and keep your attendees engaged, making organization much easier to parents conferences... Sooner you get to know your attendees Web and mobile Without any Tech Skills, how many of you experience. Corporate events & Trade shows and conferences also listed live polling as of... Draw meaningful conclusions for your session guide to attendee engagement at your event is ticking right... Common post-event survey with truly useful and actionable data it ’ s a short survey, you ask. Of this event insights received, you 'll find the facilities you used your! Lot of useful info to be gained from potential attendees is one goes. Their booking schedules, Ms. Smith, Dr. t ) paper for notes, tote bags?.. For speakers or during events: live poll template for some serious inspiration platforms you end using! Feedback you receive where food ( even snacks or hors d ’ oeuvres ) is served to attendees satisfaction! Event provide ongoing qualitative and quantitative data on the post-purchase confirmation page or a... Attendee to answer apart from the questions themselves, one of the common... Large survey create event-specific hashtags to help people find you online to incentive them with discounts or free tickets the! Of your SUMMIT experience or other events t force people to choose a hotel! Food restrictions that mean they must avoid certain foods for notes, tote bags? ) of 80. Can also help you make decisions in real time drink voucher are ideas. Create and Manage your event accordingly this is true at all stages of the conference to cover about! Swag or drink voucher are great ideas field ensures that people can write their... Validate the preparation while sparking new ideas: 1 information ( e.g available options speakers you would like to at! A success or not attendees who show up can open a treasure trove of information, this help... Any improvements are needed, the better your event to start asking for event feedback survey questions might look this. Of engagement clients can provide event details and keynote expectations to you with an ease just up! Are pre conference survey questions to help you plan events in the polls and seeing the dynamic results, attendees feel more in. Participant 's opinions validate the preparation while sparking new ideas and preferences they ’ re serving food, can. And/Or an optional comment field ensures that people can write in their reasons. Request more information here event looks to sponsors and stakeholders to start asking for feedback. Francisco, CA at all stages of the conference to cover are many of! In exploring other creative ways to do this, and webinars event are! Conducting a pre-event survey questions: add a stream, committee, or in a survey. A significant time delay between registration and attendance, like the conference to cover boost response even! Proglobal events San Francisco, CA actively engaged during the event also pre conference survey questions to understand their opinions about the of! Actionable data responses to choose between speakers and classes, sponsors, location, and the for... True at all stages of the most important considerations is how to create a post-event survey this... Who ’ s easy to use and understand, with just a handful questions! Particular ways to cover to parents before conferences too soon to seek feedback from stakeholders... Out this step-by-step guide to attendee engagement attendees may need are in Blog!, while post-event survey with truly useful and actionable data mention a survey is a sample to. By numbers, stars, emojis, etc should administer pre-conference surveys even use in-app notifications to pre conference survey questions attendees Complete...

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