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The entertainment controller and a small vanity were located to the left of the seat. VH-EBP has just 224 economy seats. Starting about 10 minutes before landing we hit a bit of turbulence, including one big air pocket that got my heart racing for a second. So why not put more of the popular food onboard? They often highlight national producers. 4 Comments. I was offered still or sparkling water or champagne, and went with champagne, served in proper glassware. Seat configuration in business class is 2-2-2 so the best seats to choose would be somewhere in the middle row to avoid someone having to climb over you to go to the lavatories. I had the poached eggs with kale, quinoa grilled haloumi, sunflower seeds, and herbed tahini dressing. Ein gutes Dessert zum restlichen Rotwein. Review: Qantas Dreamliner (787) Business Class LAX->MEL It certainly has been a while since my last post. We review the whole 787-9 dreamliner experience from the Qantas first class lounge to the Business Class Seats, the menu to the inflight entertainment and our personal experience flying with a … Some constructive criticism, might be better to also take a pic of the plate on the tray as a whole as well, just so we can get an idea of how small the plate is. Die Zeit auf meinem Flug in der Qantas Business Class war zu kurz um das Entertainment System der Boeing 787 einem vollständigen Check zu unterziehen. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Qantas 787 Business Class Review Summary. I was also offered a selection of bread. Finally about 2hr15min before landing the breakfast service began. Great that you love smaller portions. Mingy little dishes, dreary choices, no choice of starter, and usually no choice of bread types. 2. David Flynn. I don’t know what’s happened to the catering in the last couple of years – it’s disgusting – and consistently so. Australian Business Traveller joined the very first flight of the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, fresh from the Boeing factory at Seattle all the way to Sydney, to bring you this first review of Qantas' flagship business class seat on the newest member of the Flying Kangaroo's fleet. I just flew Qatar old hard product on the 777, great pyjamas from the white company and spectacular food, however I would have killed for that mattress pad. Given the choice between a slightly superior business class seat on an old plane, and this seat on a 787 Dreamliner, we’d opt for this any day, especially on longer flights where fatigue and jet lag come to play. Zwischen den Sitzen ist eine Konsole, auf der man Gegenstände und Getränke abstellen kann, wenn der Tisch nicht ausgeklappt ist. Some aircraft have a slightly denser arrangement with 28 seats in total, plus 243 economy ones down the back. You guys are overeaters and I suspect this is why QF meals look small. They were out of salmon, so I had to switch my selection. Etwas entäuschend als Begrüssungsdrink, aber immerhin eine nette Geste. I don’t eat pork products. At least yours had defined choices. Qantas has a MASSIVE turbulence incident in 2008 which injured 74 people. Food is served on the JFK-LAX flight – both directions. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. David Caon, who has done a fair amount of design work for Qantas from lounges to the 787 Business Suite, has managed to make the new Business Lounge aboard the A380 look fantastic. Qantas' newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is outfitted with 236 seats. Alle Sitze lassen sich selbstredend zu einem komplett flachen Bett verstellen und sind sowohl sehr breit als auch sehr lang. While the crew are generally good, NZ and VA crew are generally EXCELLENT. I am not a fan of the 787-900, compared to the A380. BMI still 24.5 so no worries yet. Go. One of the major challenges  I have with staggered seats is that the footwells are often quite small. A) Qantas has much better catering when flying outbound from Australia, as they have a large catering hub at all their airports Für Ordnung sorgt die Halterung der Kopfhörer und eine Flasche stilles Wasser findet dort auch Platz. What a shame! Qantas 787 Business Class ….there were a lot of genres to choose from when selecting TV shows…. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. The presentation is way off and the taste is really bad. Even British Airways has a significantly better self serve snack selection on flights half this long. Auf unseren Übersichtsseiten findet Ihr viele weitere Airline Reviews, Hotel Reviews und Lounge Reviews! Beyond that, the variety of movies and TV shows is exceptional, with a seemingly endless selection. Here is what to expect. Unfortunately the entertainment on 747 is ancient with crappy display and limited selection. Diese befindet sich unter der Klappe in der Konsole, die Klappe dient gleichzeitig als Spiegel beim Aufklappen. • Review: Qantas Business Class 787 San Francisco To Melbourne • Review: Sheraton Melbourne ... Qantas 787 business class bottom line. I flew on Qantas LHR to Perth in February this year in the same seat you had-not because I wanted that seat,but because I am only a bottom tier Frequent Flyer- and Qantas block most of the available seats until 80 hours before take off-by which time other seats are full. Qantas 787 Business Class …but, as there was nowhere else to put anything, that’s where my Macbook stayed when I wasn’t using it. Great recline, huge pitch, and the seats are wider than on any other airline. I asked for the salmon, and she commented that “the salmon is popular tonight.”. Business Traveller reviews the business class service and product on Qantas’s first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight from a destination in Asia on its Hong Kong-Melbourne service @ CM — Personally I like to use the blanket and pillow even when not sleeping, so the only thing I had to put anywhere is the mattress pad, which I placed next to the seat on the floor. Recently we flew business class between Sydney and Los Angeles on the newly retrofitted Qantas A380 which now fitted with the Business Suite as seen on the Qantas Dreamliners. Qantas has fitted its Boeing 787 with 42 Business Suites, 28 Premium Economy and 166 Economy seats. On September 1st Qantas introduced a new direct service between Melbourne and San Francisco adding a new destination to it's US network. My flight was departing from gate A11, at the very end of the terminal on the left. Qantas has breakfast cards (so you can place your order before going to sleep), and at 8:10PM the flight attendant collected my card, around the same time we started our pushback. Also I was in the rear business cabin and also felt the displeasure of my first choice food being unavailable. Shortly thereafter we deviated a bit from course, presumably to avoid weather. Wow your first nonstop from USA to Oz. While there are a lot of airlines with staggered seats, Qantas’ seat has quite a few advantages, in my opinion: Note that the Qantas 787 business class seat and the Delta One Suite (which features a door) are based on the same concept. Seats look nice, and they get J FA and J lavs. The real competitors of QF shall be the higher-standard Asian carriers. I had spent most of the day in the United Polaris Lounge prior to this flight (I had access because my flight from Tahiti landed the same morning). Dieser lässt sich herausfahren und ist gross genug um mit seinem Laptop zu arbeiten. From the design I had assumed it was a fixed shell design like JAL, which I prefer for just that reason, maintaining space when the passenger in front is reclined. After that, Qantas introduced strict seatbelt procedures. The refurbished plane also features an updated onboard lounge that is open to first and business class passengers. Also, the over head locker is not available-thus you have to share with other pax[ first world problems-I realize] , and despite the kind crew-I won,t pay the premium for Qantas again-I flew with emirates home,on the a380- and felt more comfortable at all times. @LB You still get a tray on international economy. As a Qantas business class passenger I could have used the Cathay Pacific Lounge, though I decided not to check it out this time. Qantas’ business class aboard its A330-200 provides the setting for today’s review, travelling from Sydney to Denpasar, Bali. Garuda Indonesia Business Class Review . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Vom Hunger getrieben entschloss ich mich für die Nudeln bei einem Glas Rotwein. It was such a shame. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! Auf dieser Strecke konnte ich das Produkt für Euch testen! It didn’t disappoint, for the most part. BA gets a lot of flack but I have to say I would fly Club World over Qantas atm. While the meal plates are small, as noted above, most qantas crew are obliging in bringing you another plate. We review the excellent Qantas A330 business class suite on a trans-Tasman journey. It’s not just that the meals as such weren’t very big, but I found the overall selection to be quite limited. It’s great to serve small portions, but then let people at least order multiple things (maybe have a few appetizer choices, etc.). I’ve always thought muesli is meant to go with yoghurt. The cons include that Qantas doesn’t have Wi-Fi, and that the meal service was extremely limited. If traveling alone then get on the two middle seats. A request for nuts was met with a horrible little pretzel and almond (more pretzles) packet. On the old A380 J – no hole and entire body is open – just seems roomier. Sehr gut gefallen hat mir aber das Interface, das eine intuitive Bedienung erlaubt. If you fly with Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are you’ll do so on a 737. At the side of the seat, the privacy partition doubled as a storage compartment. No wi-fi is due to long ocean routes with no ground stations. I had the worst meal on business class. I bid farewell to the crew, and once off the plane had my first real chance to view the plane from the outside. Fortunately Qantas has one of the larger footwells I’ve seen in a staggered seat, and I didn’t find it to be problematic (though I also wouldn’t describe it as spacious). No different, IMO, than being culturally aware enough to offer Halal meals on ME flights and Indian vegetarian options on South Asia flights. A lot of the issues of food on this flight can be noticed due to multiple reasons AFF Member on Diverted Cathay Pacific Flight . I have never been more hungry than when flying Dallas – Sydney a few years ago on a Qantas A380 in business class. Food and beverage superior in all respects. It’s busy and loud, so I wouldn’t recommend getting to the airport early for it. The good news is that between the counter and the … So yeah, in my opinion Qantas masters service in terms of the friendliness of their crews, but has a very long way to go with their actual meal service. But A380 if by far the best and quietest aircraft out there. Der Sinn erschliesst sich mir nicht, denn eine Flasche stilles Wasser stand auch am Sitz bereit. They have now relaxed those rules but the pilots are very cautious when it comes to using the seatbelt sign. Die Nudeln waren in Ordnung aber nichts für Feinschmecker. Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8. It really is confined and I think you should mention that as a caveat when recommending the seats closer to the window in this configuration. I ended up switching to a seat closer to the aisle because of the claustrophobic feel of the window seat. Gee, you don’t even get a tray at mealtimes in Y class anymore – you get a cardboard box. Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 New Qantas A380 Business Class Review Tue, 14 Jan 2020. Air New Zealand 787 Business Premier Bed The Good. I flew QF10 back to LHR via PER, and I must say the catering there was much better though still small plates, and no real drinks service prior to the meal. Is it my favorite business class seat in the world? I had a tasty Australian sauvignon blanc, and spiced carrot soup with chive sour cream. Das Bedienpanel dafür ist praktisch und gut erreichbar in der Ablage integriert und steuert gleichzeitig auch die Beleuchtung. Each item of artwork is commissioned from local Australian artists and each design is exclusive to Qantas, so will see it nowhere else. At 6:30AM we touched down in Melbourne, and from there we had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we parked a few gates down from an Etihad 787. Our QF crew was also quite friendly (compared to AA) but QF’s J seat on the A380 is horribly outdated, and the catering for us also left a bit to be desired. I was fortunate enough to fly on the latest version of the A330-200 aircraft on the trans-Tasman route and enjoyed it immensely. As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection.

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